Joe Wareham of Worlds Away travel blog

Worlds Away is a travel blog by Joe Wareham, a nomad of Spanish/English origin who began travelling full-time in June 2014.

This blog is more than just a guide to different destinations. I want to focus on the travel experience – on what makes travelling special, on what you feel when you do it, of all the weird and wonderful ways there are to do it. I see travel as a joy and a pleasure, but also as an excellent tool for understanding myself and others better.

Though I work online to help fund my travels, I still travel on a small budget. I’m passionate about any way that you can meet locals and other curious travellers as well as really explore what a place is like, ideally with little or no exchange of money. I also love that the less money you spend, the more inventive and flexible you have to be, which can lead to all sorts of new experiences you never expected.

I hope my tales inspire and help some of you to travel, especially with this motivation to learn and explore.

Thank you for reading!